How to Pose Like a Model

Tips on how to pose like a model.

2/16/20241 min read

Finding Pose Ideas:

  • Explore Instagram and Facebook

  • Following photographers and models

  • Saving pose inspiration

Organizing Pose Ideas:

  • Creating folders for different poses

  • Categorizing poses by position

  • Keeping a variety of pose categories

Essential Equipment:

  • Tripod with a bluetooth remote

  • Mirror

  • Lens Buddy app

Recommended App for Posing:

  • Setting up timer and pose modes

  • Flash option for studio simulation

Modeling Techniques:

  • Contouring your body for photos (s-shape, make c curve in back and point toes)

  • Playing with arm positions

  • Maintaining relaxed hands and body

Creating Depth in Poses:

  • Using clothing as props

  • Playing with hair for dimension

  • Experimenting with facial expressions

Emoting Through Posing:

  • Conveying emotion with facial expressions requires using real emotions that you are thinking in your head

  • Techniques for sultry and flirty looks are to pretend like you're flirting with the camera

Exploring Creative Poses:

  • Embracing experimentation

  • Developing signature poses